Documentary photography

I noticed when looking at my photos that some of them seemed to draw me into the emotion of a wedding  more than others, and came to the conclusion that the ones where people are engaging with each other and ignoring the camera seemed to feel more honest,  like I was looking back on the day as it unfolded.

As a wedding photographer, I now like to take the majority of my photographs in a documentary style and this is what my wedding couples seem to prefer too, as they remember those feelings just as they happened.

 I take a few posed images of you both, and some group shots if you request them, but mostly let you and your guests get on with enjoying the wedding. This creates more natural and emotional images that you will cherish.

I tend not to manipulate images too much either, because, when the fashion of those stylised or retro images has faded, I expect you'll be relieved to open your album of classic natural photography, that reflects the fun, love and atmosphere of your wedding day much more accurately.


Natural wedding portraiture

Natural moments are crucial for the success of my photography, particularly so for weddings and family portraits. Although there are usually plenty of chances for me to spot these moments and record them for you, I might occasionaly direct you or your guests a little to help with getting a better image. If for instance one of your guests poses for the camera, I may ask them not to, or wait until a more natural opportunity arrises.

Alongside documentary photography, I will set up a few staged poses that look relatively natural within the course of your wedding day. I try to keep these to a minimum though, so you have more time to enjoy sharing the day with your family and friends.

Many couples have a themed wedding. My photos will perfectly reflect your wedding venue theme or surroundings, whether it's a church wedding, humanist wedding, a loch-side wedding or vintage wedding, but I shy away from posing you with a love heart or a 'Bride and Groom' sign in the foreground, as I feel it's fairly obvious you are a bride and groom.

How will you remember your special day?

Once the venue, flowers, transport and clothing have been paid for and the day is over what will you have to remember it?

Your wedding photographer is a critical element of your wedding planning - I like to think of my role as a documenter and storyteller of your day ...

Your wedding memories captured forever by a master photographer

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